Why I quit Weddings and 300 typos | Anjeanette Photography | Seniors, Families, & Headshots | Arizona

Its been almost a year!

Not so long ago I decided to make a major change my business- to focus on Seniors and Families & Children, as well as Headshots only. I switched my business name as well to Anjeanette.Photography, and spent a loooong time getting a new website(s) posh as I can.

I am and always will still be an illustrator, but I wanted my photography brand to stand on its own, Truly- portraits are my favorite remembrances to capture of a moment in time, and weddings are days filled with treasured events to reminiscence happily on in photographs. 

Yet for many non photo reasons I felt I was not a good fit for Weddings. Sure some technical photos one too! Heck even some physical ones! I miss the love, the sweet & beautiful moments, grandmas dancing, those epic night shots!

Many times I have been contacted afterwards and told I had had the honor of taking someones very last portrait. My motto previously was "Photographs are the best biggest way to remember the happiest day of your life. Few couples hang the cake or dress in the family room for generations to come"

Too often in a wedding however, the memories are the least important part to many involved...they get away from folks quickly and napkins and seating charts and what so-and-so said builds up massive amounts of stress. Now don't get me wrong because ooooh I love those details! I adore them. The couple should too. Sometimes it gets to be too much. Too many details, emotions are too heightened, leading to frustration and grumpiness....

The happiest day of the start of a marriage turns into "we are just are ready for it to be over. "

Hearing that breaks my heart! I realized I wanted to be where the heart and vision and focus would be 100% on the moment and the MEMORIES! By both for the clients and myself :) No distractions! I had been shooting family and senior sessions on the side, and just kept seeing a focus and heart there I wasn't seeing elsewhere anymore. I bet the change was mostly in me, yet lucrative as weddings were the anxiety and time away from family was far less valuable than any pay check.

Because when I am with a senior and her dad with tears in his eyes as he watch's his child step out into the world-I get misty eyed with him! When a mom who is unsure of herself realizes how her babies look at her how beautiful she is- I want to get that mom in the picture. I see the glow of a family focused on each other, playing, sometimes running around, and making them laugh is my priority so that moment is frozen with feelings of warmth every time they see the photo.

Professional portraits are more than pretty pictures. More than something to check off a list. I miss my Saturdays filled with lush florals, bridesmaids giggling, and vows. I am very grateful for the couples who trusted me with their memories, I love seeing their lives grow and devolop as many have become close friends! Thank you to the press who saw the love shining through, and the opportunities weddings brought to my family!

Its been such an exciting year though!! So much has changed, except for the fact that I am more determined than ever to create lasting, fantastic images! I really love what I do. I am so thankful God blessed with a bit of talent, the tender heart, and mostly the obstinate hard working passion to create memories for you!

Thank you for everyone who supported my wedding  business and myself from 2008- 2016. And thank you for the support love & inspiration to go in my hearts direction in 2017!

Life is too short to not go where your heart leads
— Alex Elle

Here is to the rest of 2017! Memories are for MORE than a news feed!