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I know what I will be doing MOST of February- voting in the 2018 Shoot & Share contest!!! You can't vote FOR my work... (its a fair, blind, & random 'draw' of photographers best images of 2018- there's no way to know which images or categories are next. I can't even vote for my work either unless it just happens to pop up!) 
...You CAN join in the fun when it starts and click on your favorite image of four possible!

I will post links on social media when February arrives and the contest opens, with this link you can head there now and join the newsletter to get notified when the frenzy begins! . Its an inspiring month for me every year. Fantastic way to enjoy gorgeous images & get inspired creatively. Its also crazy exciting IF you see one of your photos come up- especially when you consider the millions of images that are submitted!!!♥ #portraitphotographerssuperbowl#amazingimageroulette #bestof2017 #fingersplints #thumbcasts #getinspired#shootandshare

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During last year’s contest had 10,000 photographers enter and 150,000 people vote.

That means submitting is hard. Each one of us thinks, “What if I fall?” It takes courage to jump, and we’re here to remind you that you could fly!
— Shoot & Share
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AND...... the results are in! Update March 2018:

Happy New Year! | Best of 2017 Slideshow | Peoria Az Family portraits by Phoenix & Glendale Az Anjeanette Photography

I am so blessed to have been a part of your senior, business, and family memories in 2017! Excited for the new year and all the families I will meet and capture. I truly care about your portraits & moments. Thank you again for choosing Anjeanette Photography for your family!

Here is the best of 2017 Family photography portrait slideshow! It starts with lush greens, sunny and rainy Tennessee days, and ends in my new home of Arizona with bright, dramatic landscapes and golden light. A lot has changed for my family and I this year- we treasure memories we made and are excited for the very new future- thank you for supporting our dreams, while letting us memorialize your own.

Prints matter! Memories are for more than a newsfeed-they are for a lifetime!


Thank you for the music!

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Peoria & Glendale AZ Family Pictures by portrait photographer

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Artistic  |  Dramatic  |  Fun  |  Unique  |  Creative

•On-Location Natural Light and In-Studio Fashion Senior Portraits

•Hundreds of Locations to shoot your Senior Pictures in Studio, Nature or City/Urban location

•Easy, relaxed Senior Portrait experience for Guys

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Natural & Strobe Light On-Location & Studio Fashion-inspired Senior Portraits

Available to shoot your Portraits in Studio, Nature, or Urban location

Easy, relaxed Senior Portrait experience for Guys

Nationally published and featured  Artistic and fun

Memory involvement easy & simple pricing for Parents

My Instagram Best Nine of 2017 | Happy New Year! | Anjeanette Photography Arizona

My Family top nine! See more  @phoenixfamilyphotography

My Family top nine! See more @phoenixfamilyphotography

Best Nine is back! The IG tool that evaluates and creates a new image from your most liked feed photos of last year. Go to, a website that sets up & collages your most responded to images of last year. If your a crazy IG fan like me with more than 5 feeds you can have mashing them all into one image as I did myself last year (you will have to use Layout IG own collager or your own editing software)

This year I loved the images but wanted to see some of them better, so I used Layout to highlight my top nine in thirds for my senior brand- check out my #bestnine2017 across my Phoenix, Peoria, & Glendale Arizona photography business Instagrams!