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They say write what you know and love- so although writing does not come naturally to me it is far easier to to write about the people and products that I believe in!

I have been taking photographs at Amulet Farm for over a year now after being introduced when having my own family photos taken there by the wonder wife and husband team of Amy & Chuck from Wilde Company Photography. Amy is defiantly the babe in And How- although Chucks and his mustache are pretty cute too. Even though I am a family photographer I have reached the point that for family photos that I actually want to be in without an anxiety attack another pro is totally the way to go! And you know what? It was FUN to dress up and be on the other side- which I honestly tell you is not something I usually ever say. Even though And How and myself both photograph some of the same types of clients like family and wedding, we also do many different shoots. Amy is just a neat human- she is empathetic and caring, with a quirky fun personality. Her Facebook feed is full of sweet puppies, silly and inspirational quotes and thought provoking articles and Frida. I love scrolling through her page.

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Above photography by Wilde Company at Amulet Farm Gallatin Tn

While it may seem counter intuitive to promote another business, I really believe that we succeed when we build each other up. I have been told I have an abundance mindset because I think there is enough business for anyone who hustles and works for it- and if someone chooses another photographer they were not really my client. There are several other photographers whom I admire in our area, good people and good photographers, it would be hard to name them all although I hope to someday! I have a lot of love for the Nashville area artistic and photographic community- and some of my personal favorites have been there at pivotal and intimate moments of my life. I have certainly seen the most successful (in my definition of success) are those who are good to each other as well, and not those who compete in a belittling and hurtful way. Sadly, I along with most everyone in any career, have been at the hurt end of one I thought was a friend who did not feel the same way I do about building up others. Advised to ‘toughen up because everyone talks about everyone else’…I decided NOT to toughen up. I am not asking for pity, but embracing my bleeding heart & choosing to champion my community and choose to not engage in harmful gossip. That doesn’t mean I am holier than thou or even pretend to be. It also does not mean I like everyone's work- it means constructive criticism to the person themselves versus sabotage. If that makes me a weirdo, awesome, because I am already a pretty experienced with that :)

Because I feel less confidant about blogging in terms of words still I reference a LOT- but with great content already phrased perfectly why try to rewrite the best? A great example of this is a neat article at that explains my feelings on why

success isn’t a competition

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I love family sessions Amulet Farm!

Nashville Area Artistic Wedding Photographer | Anjeanette Illustration Photography

After our family session last year Amy got me in contact with Jenny at Amulet Farm as it is a wonderful wedding venue for the Tennessee Shabby Chic bride! The large slat barn is the centerpiece to this sweet farm on Tennessee’s rolling hills, with rich wood tones of the barn are full of natural light inside and out. Some of my favorite photos I have taken with both strobe lights and natural light inside of the barns loft. Jenny has antique couches and stage areas for concerts and gatherings or wedding receptions. They often host music events, including several musical performers from Muddy Roots, which both And How & Jenny are a part of. There are trails and tall waving grasses, as well as a sitting room that can be used as a bridal getting ready room or gorgeous natural light family session. Kids in particular love roaming and exploring the large open field and tree house in the woods-and as I have said before those candid running and laughing moments are my favorite to capture.

With products nicknamed as catchy as Nashville song lyrics, Music City Suds puts the fun in good n' clean! Had a great time photographing this duo. Think power couple, with more than a teaspoon of Wonder Twins powers real essential oils. Shape of Clove Is A Burning Thing soy candle ! Form of I Walk The Lime soap bar! MCS has products all around Nashville,TN including the Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville, TN. Find out more & order your own all natural, vegetarian, handcrafted products here!

When the amazing Rachel of Music City Suds hired me for product photos of her clever and delicious soaps I immediately though of how fun it would be to photograph them at Amulet Farms barn in Gallatin Tn. Rachel and Danny of Music City Suds craft the yummiest soaps- and yes I use them myself. One of the best parts of the soaps is how happy they make me just reading & singing their names. 

I hum and giggle when I light a Daddy Sang Basil candle, or lather up my gardening hands with If Scrubbing You Is Wrong I Don’t Wanna Be Right soap.

Obviously for me, with a decent amount of topical and internal allergies its awesome to be ABLE to enjoy soaps that DON”T make me break out! They are vegetarian too which just makes me even happier.

I felt like the Nitty Gritty Dirt Scrub soap & Stand By Your Mandarin lotion bars fit right in next to Amulet Farms hay bales and antique microphones.
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In an article from the Christian site Living On The Edge titled

The Importance of Community

it states “One of the most important things in a person’s life is the people we do life with. The world tells us that we can do it on our own.”

Well who wants to do that when MoodPanda says community gives courage, hope, options, feedback, and joy?

I am so blessed to know these three kick ass businesses in real life- although admittedly real life for me can sometimes mean a lot of exchanged instant messages :) I appreciate what they have done to help me, and hope I have given back to their lives and businesses as well. And since I am not a writer, or a human that can eloquently communicate my thoughts verbally to other humans, I leave it to

Erica Cook who said….

“I’m not interested in competing with anyone I hope we all make it”




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Finished wrapping up a present today! Chelsea got a gift certificate for her Mother In Law Cheryl for Christmas and yesterday Cheryl got her whole family together for family portraits to redeem it! Gift Certificates are the perfect fit. I am so grateful I am going to be able to get all of my 2016 Git Certificate customers taken care of before our move to Arizona :)


And thanks again to the Towle family at Amulet Farm for being one of my absolutefavorite portrait venues!



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Grand Canyon North Rim

SO, turns out no everyone on the family vacation was super pumped and as excited as myself. Perhaps I geeked out about the Jr Ranger program more than some folks.

Dude this is home school credit! And its cool! It is cool, right?

After a few incidents of "I'm bored" and "Seriously? Your bored HERE?" we made being bored to sleep a game! And the boy 'slept' across the West....One of these photos is the real legitimate it 'started it all' asleep photo. Can you spot the real snooze?

Ops! He is awake in this one ;)

The mountains are calling...and I must sleep?

At the USS Midway in San Diego, and London Bridge in Arizona.

Who sleeps at Disneyland?!?! Nobody! totally staged ;)

Hollywood, Santa Monica Pier, and Sedona.

In Sequoia snug as a cub on a...log. Actual bear cub is further away than he appears!

Sister however was mostly excited to jump up jump up and get down. Down off the 100 foot ladder mentioned in a previous post that is. She had fun setting up shots to explore weightlessness and trick photography!

We beyond adored The Lafayette in San Diego

Shoot & Share Contest 2016! | Anjeanette Illustration

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My thumb is sore & achin', but I can't stop voting!

The 2016 Shoot & Share Photo Contest with 25 categories has been up all weekend. It is a amazing thing- inspirational and educational for photographers sure, but I honestly feel it is THE way to browse and be inspired for anyone in any part of wedding planning from actual couples to vendors! So sit back and be amazed, and Pin a favorite pose or detail to you Pinterest board too! I entered 50 Nashville Artistic Wedding Photos and Senior photos int o this years contest from my Anjeanette Illustration portfolio!

"The Photo Contest is a way to bring the community together and share what they love. The Photo Contest is completely free. You can enter up to 50 photos into 25 different categories. The photographer’s name is never displayed during voting so each photo is judged on its own merit. Every photo is given equal opportunity to be voted on. It is displayed the same number of times to the voters as any other, so every photo is in the running. The Shoot & Share Photo Contest is unique because it’s all about the photos. It’s not about one photographers’s popularity vs. another’s or the ability to rally social media for votes. It’s not about your financial ability to pay for more entries to flood the photo pool.And the best part… You choose the winners. You are the judge. Everyone gets to vote. When the contest stars, we show you a group of 4 photos and you choose your favorite of the bunch. We’ll keep displaying random groups of four photos from the same category for as long as you want. You can vote as many times as you want." Shoot & Share website
vote  here !

vote here!




I was tickled to see a few of the photos I submitted in the contest- considering that approximately 225,207 images were submitted- yeah I am pretty happy! We won't know the final results for a while- but its really more about camaraderie and excitement :) So happy to be a part of a community like Shoot & Share!

Maytanee  in the Just The Bride catagory

Maytanee in the Just The Bride catagory

Vote on mobile or desktop! And sorry, no I cannot give a direct link to my photos as a few parents have asked because there isn't one! the photos rotate out on an algorithm for merit and fairness, just go vote for fun and enjoy~

The Blackman's  in the Families category

The Blackman's in the Families category

Senior Natalie in the Seniors category, and Danielle in Just The Bride

Senior  Emma  in Seniors category

Senior Emma in Seniors category

Last year I only submitted a few photos- this year I have seen an amazing growth in my I am not gonna lie I got so excited this year when I saw my first image after the first cut of 21, 923 images that I DROPPED THE PHONE. No matter what happens with my images, I have been inspired, excited and re-energized to create amazing images for my clients!


I am over the moon! Cannot wait to see which photo(although I think it was a certain little red wagon) made it to the finals!

Travel Tuesday | National Park Adventures Teaser | 2015 | Anjeanette Illustration Photography

The mountains are calling and I must go. John Muir

Nashville Artistic Wedding Photographer Anjeanette Illustration Photography


Cannot wait to share my adventures so far this summer with my wonderful family! I am abig fan of our National Parks and love visiting them and collecting stamps and stickers in my Passport book (yep, big grown up 80's girl sticker book)

This past three weeks we hit some BIG ones: Mesa Verde, Sequoia, Yosemite, Mojave, and the Grand Canyon-both sides. Personally, I would skip the South rim next time in over crowded, over commercialized summer (it is lovely and peaceful in winter). We just adored the authentic North Rim.

A few times we got to visit great spots off the NP list, like Antelope Canyon and Sedona where I was tickled to explore this time as a tourist and not a former resident. We did the off road Broken Arrow Pink Jeep tour and lounged at sunset during our stay at the Sky Ranch Lodge

One of the highlights was staying at the historic Lafayette Hotelin San Diego- charming bungalows and 1940's glamor in every tile.

We finished our visit with a family reunion at the celebration of my brother in law Dennis to his lovely wife Neha- a full 3 day Hindu wedding. Just wow.

Let me just upload the 7 CF cards and I will share our trip soon!

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Inside Lower Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park

Padilla Stolt Her Heart | Real Nashville TN Wedding | Anjeanette Illustration Photography

Danielle & Eddies weddingby Nashville Artistic Wedding Photographer Anjeanette Illustration Photography was also recently featured on Borrowed & Blue!

Belmont was where the met, and where they pledged their lives to each other. Congrats Dani & Eddie! Rain couldn't dampen the beautiful service at the new Academia buildings Belmont Chapel and reception at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens!  I had already met several times with Danielle, you can see from Dani's Bridal session here and the engagement session here how gorgeous and in love she is!

A note about rain, which is fast becoming one of my favorite conditions to shoot in!-it does not have to ruin your day! It is still your wedding day, and at the end you are pledged to your soul mate. You totally win. You start your marriage that day and nothing will show how well you will weather life together like a a few drops!

Sandy Malone for Huffington Post had these words to say about a rainy wedding day
Rain on your wedding day is supposed to be lucky. It's a symbol of fertility, of new starts, unity and renewal-it's all about how the bride and groom handle the necessary shift to the inclement weather Plan B that makes the difference in whether or not everybody ends up having fun at the wedding.

Thank you so much to Chelsea Rochelle for her fabulous work!  I knew I could just let her make her magic!

Amazing design & amazing students make for amazing photos at the Academia Building

Eddie and Danielle were happy and excited from the start, a quick first touch before walking down the aisle, in the unbelievably stunning Belmont Chapel. The new chapel was only recently opened at the Christian University, Dani & Eddie are only the 5th couple to be married there! The impressive two-story layout includes arched, double height clear glass windows on the exterior that are mirrored on the interior and are veiled by a layer of art glass. The art glass includes the motif of three crosses and creates a sanctuary experience filled with both breathtaking beauty and peaceful stillness. An art glass rosette, named the Holleman Rose Medallion, provides the focal point for the front of the chapel and is named in loving memory of Christa Holleman, wife of Belmont Trustee Jim Holleman.  

After the ceremony I had the chance to make stunning dramatic images of the two as newlyweds on the shimmering grounds of Cheekwood. The dinner & dancing reception was amazing, beautiful draping, decor, names in lights and delicious food-all capped off by a wild party of dancing and groom tossing! I certainly felt blessed to be a part of their day, and hope you enjoy looking through a few of my favorite captures.

This image can also be seen as featured on THE SOUTHEAST'S FINEST VENDOR DIRECTORY

If it rains on your wedding day

  • Trust me- I have been there and I am not worried about getting wet! I love the artistry and magic of a rainy kiss, and you will be stunning no matter the weather! Because I am both a natural light AND flash photographer I will get a variety of photos for you regardless of light conditions. Soft romantic natural light is perfectly captured under a giant grey sky softbox- and frozen drops glimmering around a dramatically flash lit couple is one of my favorite images to create!

  • Have coordinated umbrellas or we can use my clear bubble umbrella! Colourful galoshes, buckets and props! Have FUN with whatever comes your way.

  • Do not be afraid to get a little wet- and I will be flexible with the schedule of your newlywed couple photos so that is you do get wet there will be time to freshen up or they can be taken later in the evening before you leave. We do not have to do them right after the ceremony leaving you soaking for the reception!

  • Really really consider that first look! Several couples I have photographed were able to get drier photos early before the clouds opened after the ceremony.

  • If a rainy backdrop is not what you want then make two backup plans, and remember to schedule them with the venues a week at least before hand if not sooner! If a venue has several weddings on your day the options of where to go for photos may be limited!

  • Relax and enjoy the moment whatever the circumstances. Your getting married! Nothing as silly as a little rainis gonna come between your love!


Nashville Wedding Photographer  for Creative, Dramatic, & Affordable Fine Art
"5 star Best photographer! She was a joy to work with. Very highly recommended. She worked with us on our Engagement pictures (which was on a rainy day) and made the very best of it, while capturing breathtaking photos that even made it onto the weather channel! I also did a Bridal session with her, and we (my sister, mom, and myself) had so much fun. Finally, on our Wedding day,(it rained again) and she went above and beyond to make sure we had the most beautiful pictures. Anjeanette is so sweet, and such an incredible artist. I am so happy we found her!
January 29, 2016 "- Danielle

Florist Savoir Faire and Reception Decor

DJ Premier DJ

Catering Savor The Flavor

Draping Visual Elements

Coordinator Kayln Stephens

Deserts by Dulce Deserts

Awarded as one of the best wedding photographers in Nashville?!?! What the what?

I was completely blown away to hear yesterday that I was selected as one of the top 24 best wedding photographers in Nashville.

LINK: We Looked at 240 Wedding Photographers in Nashville and Picked the Top 24

Legitimately surprised y'all as I had not been aware of the company or contest before being contacted. They sound like a fantastic Seattle based company that "Helps People Find Experts". Articles on finding the business for your needs, everything from weddings to solar panels to lawyers. For me the best part is I did not 'pay to play'-this was a merit award! Many marketing and advertising groups use an effective strategy to entice business clients- and heck I am excited to get those awards too! However, I keep a level head because even though they are review based as well (you get a clients choice award because clients have reviewed your service and are happy with you!) they are awarded to encourage paid advertisement.

I did not purchase anything from Expertise, nor do I currently have a listing free or paid or otherwise...although I would definitely consider one of their listings in our area now :)

Expertise: Connect With the Best Local Experts

Hire top-rated professionals and read guides written by experts in their fields.

"Our platform makes it easy to choose experts in your city that are a perfect fit for your project needs. On Expertise, you can explore provider profiles to get a 360-degree view of each expert, including their reviews, galleries of their work, areas of expertise, awards, certifications, and everything else you need to decide who to hire."

I researched the company, and based on the facts of the award it looks like it is mostly based on the reviews left by my wonderful and amazing clients. They have a great infographic on the break down of why each was chosen on the page, and it mentions specific moments from two weddings in 2015. Folks, you are so much more than just clients. You are my friends, so many have become like family these last few years through the sharing of life changing moments and the rough patches when life & business was challenging.

I am tickled-pleased, honored and humbled to accept this award and to join recipients who I have long admired and respected like And How! Imaging just to name one. You guys-these are really really good photographers on the list!! Holy crap how am I on this??? Nashville is ridiculously blessed with sharp shooters, and a unique perspective and style to each one. So blessed that running a photography business is no easy hustle- you have to be strong and work hard. Always be improving and practicing your craft. I’ve been privileged enough to work for amazing photographers like Erika Chambers, Gigi "The Lady and The Rock" Tremel, for Inter-State Studios for 7 1/2 years, as well as with Chealsea Rochelle and Kailee Riches. I was even absolutely blessed enough to see La Photographie in action shooting my very own wedding- cue Wayne and Garth "Not worthy"!!!!

Not to even mention my local photography heroes who I constantly watch, pester with questions, and who are kind enough to put up with it! Not sure they would want me to mention all their names but you have definitely seen me brag on them and share their images and info a lot of Facebook & Instagram, right ;)

To be transparent, I have suffered through self doubt this year. The moments I capture are important so they are worthy of obsession of detail. Like collecting the feelings and moments of now for the future in a jar...happy occasions, beginnings and sometimes before goodbyes. Always one to pray, study, practice and work all day and through the night to improve and better myself and my work I just kept working and praying when it became challenging. Trusting in my faith. While it is so nice to be recognized I know everything is by the grace of God. To have been reviewed with the other 240 local wedding photography businesses and found good for clients based on the criteria of Reputation, Credibility, Experience, Availability, Professionalism, and Engagement-wow guys. Thank you to my Seniors, Bride & Grooms, and sweet Families in Hendersonville and Nashville! Thank you Expertise!

Please vote for my Urban Portrait!

I am entered in a few contests this month- check 'em out1

Here are a few of my amazing senior session with Briana that I am ALL IN the Shoot & Share 2016 Photo Contest- I will update when voting is open. the cool part about the S& S contest is that it ain't a popularity you cannot just click a link and vote for me specifically. Instead you can scroll through and select favorites from selected categories and let the best photo win! Its like a fun inspirational Instagram look book.

Anjeanette Illustration Photography

Below is the SLR Lounge Urban Portraiture contest and would appreciate your vote!

Follow this LINK and click the thumbs up to vote for my photo of lovely Briana! Read more about her senior portrait session with Anjeanette HERE.

Nashville & Hendersonville Artistic Senior Pictures and Portraits by Anjeanette Illustration Photography

Gulf Fritillary | Nature | Anjeanette Illustration Photography

It is so cold outside folks. I am trying to take myself back to warmer times...this past summer my son and I had the opportunity to watch the Gulf Frilliary butterfly life cycles up close and personal, every day as we checked our mail!

Nashville Wedding Photographer | Anjeanette Illustration Photography

Beside our mailbox I planted some of Tennessee's state wildflower, the Passion Flower, which has both personal significance and serves as the main food source for the caterpillars. They are rubbery looking wild things up close, and are more than a little punk rock in my opinion. I even named one Vivian! Maybe even named one Sigue Sigue Sputnik.

The spikes are not sharp little daggers however, they were flexible and more like how new prongs feel each time I tried. I have heard it said they can sting but have never experienced it, and sites differ on reports of this. They fattened up on those tasty leaves fast and got BIG. Yep, it looked like I was attacked by worms-my neighbors have pretty much given up on me as they say I have all these 'weeds' like wildflowers and milkweed ;)


We waited everyday anxiously to see if we could view them shedding and eating their skin (nom nom nom) I love butterflies so I can ignore the holes. Although we saw some discarded skin never got any action shots. Here is a link to a sitewhere we saw more about this stage of the development:

Other friends in my garden- yep I let baby bunnies nestle right in the lawn and lettuce alike and everybody is happy- more than enough to share! I pray over my home and garden and the critters usually just take what is rotted off of what I was too lazy to gather so we are all good. No poisons here please.

Elizabeths Secret Garden has a lot of great photos and information on the entire cycle as well. She calls the Passion Flower a passionvine, appropriate as this guy will wind all over. Beautiful native plant to decorate my plain wooden mailbox. The vine and flower itself can be found in cultivated gardens and overgrown abandoned fields alike, winding over trellis and telephone poles or trees in the woods. I like a hearty native that is gorgeous and requires just about nothing from me! There are numerous medical and herbal qualities to the plant, which can be investigated with a Google, I do not harvest merely appreciate for the view.

My interest in the flower is also spiritual, and symbolic. Someone looked at these beauties and connected them symbolically to Christ and the crucifixion. While I think it was a healthy dose of imagination, I respect the heart and contemplation that went into a moment with God and brought forth the reverence to see the event of the cross in a flower. Here is a great info graphic and link to the symbols.

Image via Carolyn-Marie & Healing Properties of Passion Flower Power

Image via Carolyn-Marie & Healing Properties of Passion Flower Power

The 'pillers continued munching away until in the space of less than 24 hours we saw what looked like dead leaves or brown fruit bats who need some lotion, popping up all over-the chrysalis.

And here one is emerging! Look even a Wooly aphid came over to watch...oh wait there are Woolys freakin EVERYWHERE!!!!

And here one is emerging! Look even a Wooly aphid came over to watch...oh wait there are Woolys freakin EVERYWHERE!!!!

Did I mention Orange is my favorite colour? It was great seeing a little bit of the sun today, especially when the days are so short- but I cannot wait to see a big orange summer sunset again!

Engagement Season | Nashville Artistic Wedding Photographer | Anjeanette Illustration Photography

Nashville Area Artistic Wedding Photographer | Anjeanette Illustration Photography

Wedding & Life Memory Documentation | Nashville Senior Photographer | Nashville Wedding Photographer

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Artistic & Dramatic | Wedding & Senior Photography in Nashville & Hendersonville, TN

Memories are for more than a news feed- they are for a lifetime!

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Artistic Middle Tennessee Family Photographer | Cathy & Fredrick | Nashville Photographer Anjeanette Illustration

I have know Cathy for a few years from, and it is pretty apparent how much in love her husband and she are. We spoke at this family session about the popular Pinterest photo where a mom is glad her children will grow up knowing their dad loves their mom! And look at that happy glow on these kids! Beautiful children inside and out.

We met up by the library in Hendersonville where there were puppies, photographers, and families everywhere taking advantage of the beautiful warm December day to play outside! One of the many things I love about Tennessee are the parks on warm days, with greenery and slate bottom creeks. This is a gorgeous spot with several bridges and a gazebo. We dressed for fall, but the bright sunshine warmed up us by the end of the session! I like taking a mix of posed photos with silly and and playful candids- and it was pretty darn easy with this photogenic bunch! No forced smiles here!

Artistic Headshots | Lauren | Nashville Photographer anjeanette Illustration

Nashville Tn Area Artistic Wedding Photographer | Anjeanette Illustration Photography

Wedding & Life Memory Documentation | Nashville Senior Photographer | Nashville Wedding Photographer

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Hendersonville Tn Area Artistic Wedding Photographer | Anjeanette Illustration Photography

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Real Engagement | Grace & Matt | Anjeanette Illustration Photography

Tennessee sweethearts Grace & Matt were introduced by a friend at the elementary school where Grace teaches music. Matt, the Manager of the local Chik-Fil-A  franchaises was instantly smitten, and soon planned a surprise proposal at Nashville's Melting Pot with a romantic horse drawn city carriage ride afterwards. Homer, pictured below, gave his approval and the pair set a date! Lovely Ms Maureen blessed us with her orange coloured hillside for this shoot- cannot wait to photograph their big day at the Willis Branch Barn next year....and I love that a black and white cow decided to have his portrait made along with the happy couple!

Press play to see Grace & Matt's engagement slideshow by Hendersonville Artistic Wedding Photographer Anjeanette Illustration Photography!