Do you really need a professional business headshot? | Phoenix Headshots by Anjeanette Photography

High-quality photos will make your company look professional and respectable.
— Pauline Gabrielli for Meero, corporate headshots, 10 Jan 2019
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WHY one should get professional business portraits, and keep them updated is easy. Whether updating a business portrait, preparing for a speaking engagement, or getting your first headshot, and editorial or professional studio style portrait headshot taken, you want to put your best face forward. Project the confidence and professionalism you want to be remembered for with a headshot portrait by Anjeanette Photography, Phoenix.

Nowadays, an outdated headshot is particularly noticeable because camera quality is increasing exponentially. Consider it this way–your profile picture taken in 2004 is most likely lower quality than what you could take on your iPhone today. When a user comes to your site, it is obvious by the quality of the photo whether or not your headshot is outdated. This leads customers to one of two thoughts. Either they think that your business lacks the resources to update your headshots and improve your brand, or they think that you are lazy and lack the foresight to consider the importance of your headshot. Either way, it’s a lose-lose situation. Avoid that negative reputation altogether by simply changing your headshot every once and while to reflect new camera quality.
— Korey Howell Photography
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Your headshot makes you real in the virtual world. Yet some people continue to leave their headshot blank, or they don’t take it seriously when they do upload one. I have seen numerous headshots that actually make me want to avoid the person behind the headshot rather than create a connection with them. The best headshots are created by a professional photographer. So schedule a shoot – it’s worth the investment. Here’s some advice for making your headshot a valuable asset.
— William Arruda, Forbes,