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When you smilin’ the whole world smiles with you.
— Louis Armstrong

Inviting first impressions at

Arizona Public Service

Nothing beats a sincere smile for making a positive impression! I was so happy to meet with Hui Wu Curtis of APS for her professional headshots a few weeks ago, her bright open smile was a perfect compliment to her customer service profession. She was getting updated pro photos to accompany a recent article she wrote on Shaping the Customer Experience (click here for article)

The immediate first impression is someone you can count on and trust, a person passionate about people and results as her LinkedIn profile says.

Later I was able to help put together a leadership team portrait session in just a few hours right in the convenience of the office.  

Anjeanette came in and did professional headshots for my entire leadership team. First wave, we had 25+ leaders and they all said they had a great time. She made the process very easy and captured everyone’s best look! The headshots all turned out absolutely wonderful and we are bringing her back to do another session for the rest of my leadership team. True professional with a great eye in capturing the best in people. Couldn’t be more pleased with the results and is a great way to compliment my team’s professional development. Thank you Anjeanette!
— Hui Wu-Curtis, Arizona Public Service

Do you make a positive unforgettable business impression?

Researchers out of Princeton University have found that people make judgments about such things as trustworthiness, competence, and likeability within a fraction of a second after seeing someone’s face.
— Psychology Today with News at Princeton

In fact, Princeton pschologists found that we make judgments about people within 100 milliseconds to seven seconds of meeting them. About the length of time you view a profile pictures as you scroll through the "people you may know" connection section on Linkedin.

Both Psychology Today and Donald Miller in his book Building a Storybrand have identified the importance of the ability to quickly recognize the expression on a strangers’ face and the intent- in essence, a good first impression was and still is a survival instinct!

A professional portrait that portrays the image that presents you in the best possible light is a must for creative businesses and successful entrepreneurs according to Peter Economy- a modern #professionalheadshot can immediately influence how well a business is perceived.

Invest in an image that will attract the right clients to your artistic or business endeavors! 

Make a great first impression that will take you beyond those first few seconds and on to gaining respect—and maybe even a new job or client.
— Peter Economy, The Leadership Guy
How well we network with people directly influences our success or failure in our careers and the success of our business. Here are some tips for how to make the best possible first impression possible.
— How to Make a Positive First Business Impression Jun 26, 2017 by Gail Gardner